How to Acquire UltraStableLIGHT® Technologies
to enable your light-source to be the most stable on the market.

Our technologies achieve unparalleled temperature stability of optical power without a thermoelectric cooler (TEC). This creates a unique opportunity to boost market share of light sources for:

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Summary of Our Technologies:

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Light emissions from semiconductor lasers and LED modules drift because wavelength, beam quality, polarization angle, and photodiode sensitivity change with temperature – this is the stability problem. Our innovative Optical and Electronic Methods solve the problem by compensating for temperature control errors without a TEC as illustrated in the schematic shown below.

System for USL Optical and Electronic power stabilization

Figure 1. System for USL Optical and Electronic power stabilization.

Optical method: Photodiode current is connected directly to the APC driver by selecting switch-position A. The beamsplitter coating reflects more or less light to the photodiode as the emitter wavelength and polarization angle change with temperature. The rate and polarity of reflectance change are adjusted at time of manufacture to provide the feedback needed to compensate for temperature control errors.

Electronic method: A feedback controller is inserted between the photodiode and the APC driver by selecting switch position B. The controller samples a temperature signal VT to generate an error current that is added to the photodiode current to produce a control current. The control current is fed back to the APC driver to compensate for temperature control errors.

Benefits of USL Technologies

Modules equipped with our technologies enjoy a 20-fold or more reduction in temperature coefficient as well as a huge efficiency advantage because thermoelectric coolers are not required –– 1 mW of optical power can be generated from just 30 mW of electrical power. The best semiconductor light sources built with TECs have temperature coefficients of about 200 ppm/°C (1% over 50° C). The following chart illustrates the stability of several modules built with the USL Optical Method relative to 14 other semiconductor laser modules built with, and without TEC stabilization. The relative stability of a module is its temperature coefficient divided by the temperature coefficient of the least-stable module in the survey. The least-stable module, not shown on the chart has a relative stability equal to 1.0.

Stability of UltraStableLIGHT TM module compared to alternatives

IP Bundle

USL Technologies, LLC is a technology holding company that has invested four years of development time and several hundred thousand dollars in the USL technologies with the purpose of enabling a manufacturer of laser instrumentation and sensors to produce unique and competitive products. The company desires to sell or license a bundle of intellectual property that will give your company the leading edge in the expanding market for battery-powered, laser-based sensors and measurement systems. The bundle includes:

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